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1. Be a tooth two-timer!

Brush your teeth at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste (2x 2minutes).

2. Fight with floss!

Floss between your teeth. Using dental floss daily can help keep gums healthy.

3. Rinse germs down the drain!

Rinse using an antiseptic mouthwash to kill germs that cause cavities and gum disease.

4. Your are what you eat!

Make healthy food choices. Nutritious food, low in sugar, is good for both oral and overall health.

5. Protect your pearly whites!

Wear a mouthguard when playing or practising sports. Your dental hygienist can make a custom fitted one for you.

6. Butt out!

Choose to be tobacco free. Using tobacco products can stain your teeth and increase your risk of developing oral cancer.

7. Sealants for success!

Want your child to stay cavity free? Ask your dental hygienist if pit and fissure sealants are a good option for your child.

8. Open up!

Check your mouth once a month. Know what’s normal. If you have a sore that does not heal within two weeks, get it checked by a health professional.

9. Re-think your drink!

Drinking sweetened beverages and acidic fluids increases your risk of developing cavities.

10. Book it!

Visist your dental hygienist regularily. Begin visits by age one and continue throughout your life.

These fabulous Tips courtesy of the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association at

April is Oral Health Month


April is the coming of spring and with it is warmer weather. It is also the month to celebrate Oral Health, and with this the connection between our mouths and bodies. We try to improve upon our overall health by making time for our mouths with proper oral hygiene, but good habits are hard to make into habits.

Besides hearing the words “ you need to floss more” from your dental hygienist the next time you go in for your regular maintenance appointment, try hearing the wisdom and words after that phrase. Those words will often tell you about the reasons behind flossing, such as removing harmful bacteria that can cause gum disease and cavities, but also can get into your bloodstream and cause systemic disease and that those same bacteria have been linked to heart disease (Can J Dent Hygiene 2012; 46, no.2). So when you feel your ears closing as the educational discussion begins, try to hear the truth and intent behind the words.

Of course it is is understood that not everyone reading this is going to run to their floss and begin new routines, although the thought is nice, in the spirit of this month please try to make those good habits stick. If not for your teeth and gums, then for your heart. Plus, think of how wonderful your next dental hygiene appointment will be.

Happy flossing!Happy Oral Health Month!

Please take a look at these great websites for other ways to celebrate April!

Not “just” a cleaning

As registered dental hygienists, we are generally known as “teeth cleaners”. While this is not an untrue statement, it far from explains all that is done while a client is in our chair including education. Each appointment begins with a review of medical changes and of treatment to be done that day. If a client is due for an exam, than a full exam both inside(intraoral) and outside(extraoral) the mouth are completed by the dental hygienist. As part of this exam a cancer screening is also done, and if the client is a smoker than there can be follow up questions. One of these questions generally asking if the client is interested in quitting. This is often a very sensitive subject for many people who may be worried about negative impressions or being scolded for admitting to smoking to a health care professional. Our goal as dental hygienists, though this may be surprising to some, is to never make our clients feel uneasy. We are concerned with providing the most up to date and thorough dental experience. It is however our obligation to advise all clients of how some choices are affecting their oral and overall health as part of education, not reprimand. The clients of our dental office can be assured that if they are interested in quitting smoking we can help in many ways, including offering information on cessation tips. There are some great step by step programs and tools, including the use of patches, artificial inhalers, how to try the cold turkey approach, and how to help with cravings caused by habitual triggers. Setting a quit date and having reminders of why quitting is so importan,t are also great ways to motivate and stay on track.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation advertise on their website the fact that it will take an average of 5 times of trying, to quit smoking for good. So go ahead and enlist the help of your dental hygienist, this could be the inspiration you were looking for.

( is a great place for information)

‘Tis the Season..

… for beautiful white smiles!
 Ask your dental professional today and they can thoroughly assess the type of staining present and decide a method of whitening most suitable for your teeth. Most people have some form of discoloration even if they aren’t heavy smokers or coffee drinkers. However, everyone deserves to have a beautiful healthy white smile, and no better time than for the holidays and a great way to help ring in the new year. 
Having a beautiful confident smile can be a very easy process. Currently we at mapleview family dentistry have 2 types of whitening to offer to our clients. The most commonly used is the take-home REV system. This is a peroxide based gel that is worn on the teeth for up to 14 days for only 15 minutes a day. The reason it is so popular is the ease of use and our custom fit trays that allow for safe, reliable teeth whitening .  All clients are shown how to properly wear and use their trays and then it’s just a matter of taking it home and seeing the results for yourself.
The second option is the ZOOM laser whitening system. This is an in-office procedure that lasts about an hour and a half and includes the Rev take-home system as a touch up kit. This option is often used by people who put a high premium on their time and find the superior whitening often received by the laser system the best option.
If you decide to come in and ZOOM your smile with us this season, or REV it up at home, a clean white smile is just a visit away. Ask our knowledgeable staff about maximizing your smile potential today! Have a safe and happy Christmas and wonderful New Year!

Emergency Dental Care in Barrie

Uh Oh! It happens! A slip, a fall, an innocent bump to the mouth that ends in pain. There are many different ways to cause trauma to the mouth and unfortunately it can happen to anyone at anytime.

According to the Ontario Dental Association, there are steps that can be taken in certain situations to help increase the chances for the best possible outcome. Their wesite at briefly covers what to do in some common cases from a toothache to a bitten lip or tongue.

However many accidents can be prevented, so please keep in mind that prevention is also important. From wearing a sports guard to watching out for those hard candies, being aware may be the differnce between just another night and a visit to our office.

If you do find yourself in need of emergency dental treatment and care, please give our office a call to ensure the services you need. We at Mapleview Family  Dentistry also have an after-hours emergency care number to address your needs when you need us.

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