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Back to School!


It is that time of year when the kids are all headed back to school, and here at Mapleview Family Dentistry it means a new co-op student from Bear Creek Secondary. We are very lucky to have these great students come and learn with us. For me this means being kept on my toes as I am asked many questions and strive to answer them without putting the students to sleep.


This year I turned to my student Jaimee for some help with my blog and decided to share a few of the questions she came up with, as I wondered if many of our clients were asking themselves the same things.


Radiographs (x-rays)-  Why must no one be in the room when taking the x-rays?


    Why do the clients have to wear a cover?


    Why is there nothing to protect the clients face?


Three great questions and here are the answers: Only the client having the x-rays taken can be in room because of the possibility of being exposed to radiation.  It is the same reason why they are required to wear a protective lead apron to cover their bodies from possible “scatter” radiation. There is only a small chance of this happening where the radiation will not directly hit the film with no scattering, but it is a chance nonetheless. When x-rays are taken the film is placed inside the clients’ mouth and generally the head cannot be covered as it will block the film from receiving the proper radiation. If the apron were any closer to the film than the neck and thyroid collar  that  the apron already covers, the film would come out blank as the apron is designed to stop the radiation. Following these simple rules allows us to give quality diagnosis with x-rays, while protecting our clients.


Hopefully some of our clients will find this information useful. I’m off to enlist Jaimee to come up with some more questions for next month!


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