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April is Oral Health Month


April is the coming of spring and with it is warmer weather. It is also the month to celebrate Oral Health, and with this the connection between our mouths and bodies. We try to improve upon our overall health by making time for our mouths with proper oral hygiene, but good habits are hard to make into habits.

Besides hearing the words “ you need to floss more” from your dental hygienist the next time you go in for your regular maintenance appointment, try hearing the wisdom and words after that phrase. Those words will often tell you about the reasons behind flossing, such as removing harmful bacteria that can cause gum disease and cavities, but also can get into your bloodstream and cause systemic disease and that those same bacteria have been linked to heart disease (Can J Dent Hygiene 2012; 46, no.2). So when you feel your ears closing as the educational discussion begins, try to hear the truth and intent behind the words.

Of course it is is understood that not everyone reading this is going to run to their floss and begin new routines, although the thought is nice, in the spirit of this month please try to make those good habits stick. If not for your teeth and gums, then for your heart. Plus, think of how wonderful your next dental hygiene appointment will be.

Happy flossing!Happy Oral Health Month!

Please take a look at these great websites for other ways to celebrate April!

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