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Healthy Little Smiles

There is nothing better than the perfect smile of a small child. Many parents who visit our office have many questions about how to keep their childs newly erupted teeth clean and healthy. Childrens teeth generally begin to erupt around 5 months of age with the bottom front teeth showing up first and will continue to arrive until all 20 teeth are present at around 24 months old.

A great beginning is the best way to protect this healthy smile. Often cleaning a babys’ mouth with a wet wash cloth is recommended even before any teeth can be seen. Besides keeping their mouth clean, this will also help to accustom both parents and child to healthy habits. Once a baby starts teething the cooling cloth on their gums will also help soothe some discomfort.

Once teeth are present a toothbrush made specifically with a handle for a grownups hand, but small soft bristles made for a baby’s mouth, is ideal. This toothbrush used with only water, will be a great next step in oral care. By removing any food or milk from the childs teeth and surrounding tissue good habits are being formed and as the remaining teeth erupt cavity prevention has already begun. These first baby teeth are an important part of a childs overall health. The baby teeth are there for proper ability tohelp a child to learn how to chew and form words, and later to guide the adult teeth into into the proper position. Often a good first visit with the dental team will help to reach these goals. Ideally a child should be seen at 3 years old, as the baby or primary teeth are all erupted and a child is old enough to sit for a comfortable amount of time. At this appointment a cleaning can be done with any help in oral care instruction that may be necessary and the dentist can assess the teeth and help make their first visit a positive one to help build a trusting relationship that will last a lifetime. If however there is a concern or question children can be seen at any age.

We are happy to help make a healthy little smile shine. Bring your child in for their first visit today!

To see the full chart on eruption of primary dentition see

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