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Candy, Candy, Candy!

While the end of October is here, so too is Hallowe’en. A season of beautiful fall colors and a night of mini monsters all vying to eat as much sugary candy as their little bodies can consume in one night. At least that’s how my kids seem to want to work at my house. The costumes are not always home made, so the real work comes after the treating, when trying to pry their hands off their goodie bags and brushing their teeth before going to bed. A few simple tips may help if this scenario is similar at your home. These suggestions are pretty simple and can be followed year round.
1. Everything in moderation. Your teeth are strong and can remain that way, but overloading on sugary stickiness will only prove to help the bacterial plaque build on your teeth. This plaque build up is what weakens teeth and leads to decay (cavities).
2. Rinse with water. Sounds simple enough and it is. After consuming candy rinse your mouth with water to remove any extras that may still be present. This also will help get your mouth back to its normal pH balance.
3. Good oral hygiene. It probably goes without saying but proper and regular brushing and flossing will remove remaining candy and treats, and prevent plaque from getting hold and causing damage.
4. Steal some candy. I believe I am a good parent for following this rule. I will take some of the super sticky toffee kinds of treats and pass along to others. My children will have enough great things to sort and share and swap, but this certain kind of stickiness is very hard to remove from the grooves on the biting surfaces of their teeth. Also I steal the skittles, but that’s because they are my favorite and my kids are generally willing to part with them!
Happy Hallowe’en!

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