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To Floss or not to Floss?

To floss or not to floss? There is No question! Flossing is essential for good oral health! Consistently there are questions with regards to how to floss and how frequently but most are with concerns on fitting fingers into mouths. Here a few flossing facts to help simplify the flossing debate:
1. Everyone should floss! Children and adults alike can get cavities between their teeth where tight contacts don’t allow the toothbrush to reach, but tiny bacterial plaque particles can.
2. Hands now have no bearing on floss ability. Over the years companies are getting it right when it comes to flossing options. There are now multiple kinds of waxed and non waxed, tape and ultrathin, string and the truly wonderful pick versions of floss. It may take some time to find the one that’s right for you but often it just means more practicing to find the one that works for you. The floss sticks are very useful for small mouths, big hands or people who just want to floss on the go. They are generally very easy to “wiggle” or “see-saw” in between the teeth and that also means no wet fingers
3. The more you do it the better it becomes! The more you make flossing a regular part of your dental routine, the easier it becomes. The more you will find it a necessity, as those previously unnoticed food partials will now be removed and a clean mouth is easy to get use to.
4. Dental hygienists will he speechless! Enough said!

Floss on!

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