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The chilly winter weather is upon us and with it comes the season of family and friends and spontaneous visits and partys. This is also the season of multiple pictures being taken, and who doesnt think about how great their photos and of course their smile, in those photos will be? Have no fear as here at Mapleview Family Dentistry we have thought of this and are prepared to give you the gift of a free take-home whitening kit.

Call to book your regular check up and cleaning appointment or a new client appointment, as anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to this offer. Once cleaned your teeth are now prepared for the whitening process and an impression will be done to get a personal fit for your whitening tray. We will quickly pour up your impression, make a model, and from this a custom tray. A quick follow up apppointment to try in your newly made tray and to show you how to use the White & Brite system, and you are off. Now free to enjoy your new gift and in a few short uses, your new gorgeous smile, fearless of what surprise pictures and selfie opportunities may occur this holiday season.

For more information on our take-home whitening or to ask about our in office Zoom whitening, call the reception staff at 705-721-1182. or ask our dental team the next time you are in.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

Candy, Candy, Candy!

While the end of October is here, so too is Hallowe’en. A season of beautiful fall colors and a night of mini monsters all vying to eat as much sugary candy as their little bodies can consume in one night. At least that’s how my kids seem to want to work at my house. The costumes are not always home made, so the real work comes after the treating, when trying to pry their hands off their goodie bags and brushing their teeth before going to bed. A few simple tips may help if this scenario is similar at your home. These suggestions are pretty simple and can be followed year round.
1. Everything in moderation. Your teeth are strong and can remain that way, but overloading on sugary stickiness will only prove to help the bacterial plaque build on your teeth. This plaque build up is what weakens teeth and leads to decay (cavities).
2. Rinse with water. Sounds simple enough and it is. After consuming candy rinse your mouth with water to remove any extras that may still be present. This also will help get your mouth back to its normal pH balance.
3. Good oral hygiene. It probably goes without saying but proper and regular brushing and flossing will remove remaining candy and treats, and prevent plaque from getting hold and causing damage.
4. Steal some candy. I believe I am a good parent for following this rule. I will take some of the super sticky toffee kinds of treats and pass along to others. My children will have enough great things to sort and share and swap, but this certain kind of stickiness is very hard to remove from the grooves on the biting surfaces of their teeth. Also I steal the skittles, but that’s because they are my favorite and my kids are generally willing to part with them!
Happy Hallowe’en!

To Floss or not to Floss?

To floss or not to floss? There is No question! Flossing is essential for good oral health! Consistently there are questions with regards to how to floss and how frequently but most are with concerns on fitting fingers into mouths. Here a few flossing facts to help simplify the flossing debate:
1. Everyone should floss! Children and adults alike can get cavities between their teeth where tight contacts don’t allow the toothbrush to reach, but tiny bacterial plaque particles can.
2. Hands now have no bearing on floss ability. Over the years companies are getting it right when it comes to flossing options. There are now multiple kinds of waxed and non waxed, tape and ultrathin, string and the truly wonderful pick versions of floss. It may take some time to find the one that’s right for you but often it just means more practicing to find the one that works for you. The floss sticks are very useful for small mouths, big hands or people who just want to floss on the go. They are generally very easy to “wiggle” or “see-saw” in between the teeth and that also means no wet fingers
3. The more you do it the better it becomes! The more you make flossing a regular part of your dental routine, the easier it becomes. The more you will find it a necessity, as those previously unnoticed food partials will now be removed and a clean mouth is easy to get use to.
4. Dental hygienists will he speechless! Enough said!

Floss on!

To show off your beautifully flossed teeth to your dental hygienist, please call and book an appointment today! 705-721-1182
To find out more about the benefits of floss and other oral hygiene aids, read more at


Unfortunately the problem of bad breath is a real one, and if you have realized that you may have a problem, here are a few simple ideas on how to treat it. According to the Ontario Dental Associations website (feb 13, 2012), it is estimated 50 percent of the population has bad breath, at any one time, and that half of this group has chronic or long problematic, bad breath. In this group of chronic bad breath sufferers, it can be an indicator of dry mouth. Unfortunately many prescribed medications often have the possible side effect of dry mouth. There are many easy ways to address this, including drinking water multiple times during the day, ensuring good oral hygiene is being followed, and trying a dry mouth lozenge or spray. One of the brands making these products is Biotene, who have created a line of products to help with severe dry mouth. It might be worth it to try these tips and see what can work for you.
Many people who suffer from a bad taste or bad breath find it can eaily be addressed by practicing better oral hygiene. Brushing alone is often not enough, and for clients affected by bad breath a routine including daily brushing, flossing and cleaning of the tongue is reccommended. Brushing the teeth in slow circular motions will ensure reaching to the gums to remove food debris and bacteria that can lead to bad breath. The next step is flossing between the teeth to remove any remaining particles, followed by using a toothbrush or tongue scraper to remove anything left on the tongue. Lastly, there are mouthrinses that will help with the bacteria but only if the first steps in hygiene are taken, or the food and bacteria will still be there to cause problems.
In very severe cases a client might be referred to a medical doctor or specialist to see if there is something medically that can be explored such as diabetes or acid reflux.
Let’s remember to keep to it simple to start. Brush. Floss. Rinse. See your fabulous dental professionals on a regular basis.


Back to School!


It is that time of year when the kids are all headed back to school, and here at Mapleview Family Dentistry it means a new co-op student from Bear Creek Secondary. We are very lucky to have these great students come and learn with us. For me this means being kept on my toes as I am asked many questions and strive to answer them without putting the students to sleep.


This year I turned to my student Jaimee for some help with my blog and decided to share a few of the questions she came up with, as I wondered if many of our clients were asking themselves the same things.


Radiographs (x-rays)-  Why must no one be in the room when taking the x-rays?


    Why do the clients have to wear a cover?


    Why is there nothing to protect the clients face?


Three great questions and here are the answers: Only the client having the x-rays taken can be in room because of the possibility of being exposed to radiation.  It is the same reason why they are required to wear a protective lead apron to cover their bodies from possible “scatter” radiation. There is only a small chance of this happening where the radiation will not directly hit the film with no scattering, but it is a chance nonetheless. When x-rays are taken the film is placed inside the clients’ mouth and generally the head cannot be covered as it will block the film from receiving the proper radiation. If the apron were any closer to the film than the neck and thyroid collar  that  the apron already covers, the film would come out blank as the apron is designed to stop the radiation. Following these simple rules allows us to give quality diagnosis with x-rays, while protecting our clients.


Hopefully some of our clients will find this information useful. I’m off to enlist Jaimee to come up with some more questions for next month!


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